Subaru Outback in the forest

Subaru Outback is a great combination of real driver’s car and off-road capabilities. Especially with Summit level equipment it is very very enjoyable to drive in highways, but in opposite it is very easy to take it into the forest. So I did it! The result was set of marketing photos for Subaru Finland.

Accurize Shooting Systems

Again one example of video production: Product video for Nordic Distribution Oy, which is distributing Accurize Shooting Systems shooting simulators in Finland. Main goal was to combine stylish brand video and product presentation into one video. User guide video can be also beautiful!

Winter shots for Subaru

One of the photo shoots for Subaru was arranged to get some winter photos from Scandinavia. As in many other cases, I selected the location to be around Pallas fjell. These photos will be used in marketing purposes in Scandinavia, for example in Subaru calendar and social media. Maybe elsewhere also…? Gear: Sony a7 + […]

Pohjola Roadtrips

Travelling – or let’s say road tripping- has always been important for me. Because cars and discovering new places have always been my interest it was natural that we made also a campaign out of these themes together with Subaru. Pohjola, a forever cold land far in the north is familiar from the Finnish folklore, […]

Sasta Outdoor 2015

Next step was to shoot some brand photos based on Sasta’s women outdoor collection. Same style, same feeling which was actually even stronger because of the weather. Smoggy, misty atmosphere is so Finnish! Still I was also practising the model shoot and guiding people in photography. Those first steps.

Sasta Hunting Collection 2015

My co-operation with Sasta Clothing, legendary Finnish outdoor brand started as a content producer. Facebook and blog posts required naturally some photographs so finally Sasta management notices my photos and asked me to shoot their marketing photos for 2015-2016 season. The target was to capture the robust, reliable feeling which is stemming from the soil […]