Subaru Roadtrip part I

I got very interesting opportunity to test new Subaru Outback 2.0 D. Subaru Finland wanted me to test drive it and tell whether it is suitable for outdoor photographers purposes. The plan was also to make an social media campaign called Subaru Roadtrip.

Professionally this was also very nice opportunity to study new topic, car photography. After I heard about this opportunity I have looked through tons of pictures from legends like Frederic Sclosser and Easton Chang.

Because I have background in industrial design, I understand what is crucial for car designers. What is crucial for a car photographer is still under study but naturally the design of the car need to be in main role.

It seems that Subaru Outback has also certain angles and lot of interesting design details so I was very excited to take the challenge and have a roadtrip with this piece of car. Below you can find some first exercises.

DSC09951-2 DSC09957-2-2 DSC09991 DSC09893-2DSC09944