Getting LENSpired!

As you have seen from here -Meaning my blog- I have been working furiously with photography during 2015. Already before that I have been working quite much with social media content production. Blogging and managing social media channels beside other writing jobs has been the way to dig deeper to the topic.

Hmmm….what topic? Well, that is actually the key message in this update. I would myself describe it as digital PRMany other do so also, because of this furious chaos which is happening in the media and marketing business. As we all know, growth of the digital media has dispersed the media world like happens to light rays in a piece of not-so-well designed lens.

Actually I see that it is getting back in order now. Those companies, content producers and media houses who have understood what multichannel media really means, have also realised that this all can be tied under one term, digital PR.

It all relates to other modern term, service design. Companies are all the time ramping up furious service design projects to help clients find and approach them, to build better connections.

You see my point? Social media is importat piece of service design. It naturally opens the doors (Beside of the Google and SEO ofcourse!) but it also motivates people to walk the same path with the brand. This all just exists because we try to build bond between brands and their clients. With small stories we build trust, with informative content we can build understanding and knowledge. Just like the traditional PR does. With interesting content we build the whole experience which either glues the customer to the brand or in bad case separates them forever. Now we just do this all in digital world. No more huge PR events but a video in YouTube.

To me this all is naturally very interesting. As I work daily with experience design and I have background in  branding, marketing and storytelling this new era of the media is….Simply thrilling. It just ties together all the thin red lines also in my own professional side.


That all are just forewords to the actual news flash: To make this all happen I naturally need good cases.I am grateful for the latest opportunity that I encountered. Mostly because it combines my biggest passions, storytelling in textual and visual format, but also because there is question about one of the most interesting brands in the world. We have agreed with ZEISS Camera Lenses that I will provide a set of blog articles for their new LENSpire platform. They will be publishes during the year 2016, starting at January.

ZEISS has build the LENSpire to attract and inspire all the visual storytellers in the world. Therefore it is very very interesting to be part of the puzzle. Company like ZEISS has so much interesting stories to tell. Traditions, innovations, knowledge, history…all!

Natural part of this contract is that in 2016 I will photograph with ZEISS lenses. So, there begins a new era also for me!

Thank you for all who have been helping me to get here.



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