Ville Pohjola

Subaru XoVer

Thanks to the great start with Subaru roadtrip, I got also Subaru XV for a test drive. Guess what was the first think to do at the first evening of the test period? Yep. A photo shoot. The weather might have something to do with it. Sunset is always so inspiring, and it is always […]

Subaru Roadtrip part I

I got very interesting opportunity to test new Subaru Outback 2.0 D. Subaru Finland wanted me to test drive it and tell whether it is suitable for outdoor photographers purposes. The plan was also to make an social media campaign called Subaru Roadtrip. Professionally this was also very nice opportunity to study new topic, car […]

Sasta Sea Lady

Some ”left-overs” from latest photo shoots for Sasta Clothing. This time we shot women’s outdoor collection for both print and social media. Because we are trying to achieve certain robust, reliable and rugged look in the images for example these ones were left over. This was an interesting study for finding certain ”seaish” style but […]