Batis 1.8/85

As I told in my previous blog post, the city of Sastamala is the Book Capitol of Finland. Why and what it means? First of all, it is remarkable how much different kind of artists have been living in Sastamala. I already mentioned Akseli Gallen-Kallela, the national artist of Finland. He has been important factor […]

ZEISS Batis 2/25

As you probably have read already, I started very interesting test period day before yesterday. Yes, I received those Batis lenses. Because there are many others also waiting for same samples I am now using, I needed to create a quick -and good- test plan. Because I have the last week of my summer vacation […]

First date with ZEISS Batis

You know, when you meet something new and interesting there is lot of excitement in the air. Those classical symptoms like beating heart, shaking and sweaty hands…They are familiar to all of us. This time the feeling was caused by the long waited rendezvous with two pieces of glass the whole photographing world has been […]

Batis vs. Loxia

ZEISS just announced the new Batis series for Sony Alpha users. Well, that is definitely a great news that there will be more lenses available for Sony FE-mount cameras. Somebody might anyway wonder why the totally new series but not an extension for example to Loxia series? I had an opportunity to keep first public […]

Bark at the moon

It is again that time of the month. Yes, the full moon is here. When the full moon appears at the July, it means also the Time of the Super Moon. That big, yellow, cheesy disk appears to the sky. It will be even better in the August when the night is already darker. That […]

More about digiscoping

Digiscoping can be really catching. High quality and powerful optics brings the object close and makes it crystal clear. Opposite, it is sometimes very challenging. Bright spring day like we got today here in Finland is a perfect day to practice flight pictures. Although these scopes are powerful, at bird photography they have also some […]